Here are the most common questions asked by people interested for cemetery or funeral arrangements:


What exactly is a Funeral Plan?

This is a form of plan that lets you pay for the funeral costs in advance and helps you safeguard your family members from the stress and worry along the way. Thus, it can be easy and convenient enough for them to make all the arrangements.


Why Consider it a Priority to take Out a Funeral Plan?

By means of prioritizing your funeral plan, this enables you of making significant decisions about the funeral arrangements. When it has been paid over a specific period of time, you can be assured of a peaceful and relaxing mind. This is simply because of the fact that you are financially prepared.

Through a funeral plan, it helps you save your family members from stress and worry during such an emotional time. This is simply because the funeral arrangements will all be taken care of by the Heaven’s Gate Mortuary.


I already have life insurance and savings, why do I still need a funeral plan?

Life insurance and savings do not mean a guarantee of coverage for all your funeral costs. But, a funeral plan is. And since the funeral expenses increase over a time period, you would realize that life insurance and savings will not really cover all the funeral costs.

Even banks and other institutions will not be there to prepare your funeral, but Heaven’s Gate Mortuary will. If you will really take out a funeral plan, you can still freeze all those funeral costs. Any cost of the services will be guaranteed in the plan. And thus, your loved ones will never get worried of using any inheritance or savings you have left them.

Apart from it, the funeral will be pre-paid and planned making them relaxed and at ease of making the arrangements.


What are the Heaven’s Gate Mortuary Services?

At Heaven’s Gate Mortuary, we mainly offer a list of services such as burial funeral/traditional cremation services, customized religious funeral services and a whole lot more. We also highly emphasize the transfer of human remains around the world making us a number one provider of comfort to families and their members.

As an operated and family owned provider, we customized our services that complement your needs. Such a warm and inviting atmosphere, we believe we can provide you the personal attention and dedication you need. Thus, let us be your comfort in times of your grief and your loss.


What does my Heaven’s Gate Mortuary Funeral Plan Include?

Heaven’s Gate Mortuary funeral plans are specifically designed to offer you with everything you need for a funeral. Also, try to take a closer look at the pre-paid funeral plans and contact us about the options presented.

Now, you have learned everything you must know about cremation, burial, funerals and a whole lot more. If you are still novice to funeral planning, feel free to visit the website www.heavensgatemortuary.com for more information!